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 Thank you for your interest in the Community Improvement Grant Program. Redwood City wants to help jump-start your neighborhood and community improvement projects and events, and encourages you to get together with your neighbors to plan and implement a great community-building activity! The purpose of a grant is to help get your project started so that it may become self-sustaining; the program is not intended for continual or annual support.

Grants may be between $100 and $300. Actual grant amount will be determined by staff review of your application. Ideas for community-building activities that may qualify include: a block or neighborhood party or large multi-street block party; a neighborhood-shared garden; a community clean-up project; a neighborhood newsletter or website; setting up a neighborhood watch meeting. If yours is an existing (repeated) project, you must show how you will use this grant to significantly expand or broaden its scope, outreach, and community involvement.


• Fill out the application form (items with an asterisk are required).

• Call the Redwood City Fire Department at 780-7400 and schedule their attendance for a portion of the event to provide emergency preparedness information, if your project is an event or gathering.
(NOTE: Neighborhood Watch meetings that a police officer attends do not require fire department attendance

• Provide an estimate of expenses, or final costs if the event has already taken place; you'll be asked to send us copies of receipts when we send you the check, and once your project is complete.

• If there are funds left over from this grant, you are requested to return them to the city.



On each line, enter a description of the item, and the estimated expense. NOTE: You'll be asked to send us copies of receipts when we send you the check and once your project is complete





Enter a description of the item, and the final cost for each. NOTE: You'll be asked to send us copies of receipts when we send you the check





(Maximum of $100/$300 - amount of approved grant may differ)

Please note that the Fire Department personnel may need to respond to an emergency call before or during their attendance at your activity. If this occurs, they will make every effort to return before the end of your event. If they cannot return that day, it is your responsibility, as part of accepting this grant, to contact the fire department and schedule another suitable date and time for them to provide general information on emergency preparedness – that date could be any other scheduled neighborhood gathering or a gathering specifically to receive emergency preparedness information.




  If you'd like to print a copy of your grant application, click on the print button below. Otherwise, please click on the "Done" button to have it automatically emailed to our office.
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